New pond created to encourage diverse wildlife

The Royal Burgess Golfing Society Of Edinburgh


To add a new habitat feature and to encourage more diverse wildlife species to the course, a new pond was constructed adjacent to the 11th hole. Surface water from the course drainage system naturally runs through the area so an inlet and outlet pipe are included and water is retained all year round without the need for a liner.

The pond was planted with: Yellow Flag Iris: Iris pseudacorus Pendulous sedge: Carex pendula Marsh Marigold: Caltha palustris Frogspawn were also added. Regular visual monitoring will be carried out by the RBGS Environment Committee to ensure water quality and assess the condition of the pond.

Minimal management input is expected as the pond naturally matures. The planting will be reviewed in Spring / Summer 2023 to see how plant species have thrived or otherwise. The Iris and Sedge have taken well so far. Further marginal and floating plant species may be added in 2023 if required.

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