New open sand area created

Saunton Golf Club


Written by: Russell Mayne

To create a new championship tee on the 17th Hole, West Course, the preferred option was to utilise a borrow pit on-site, rather than spend our budget on outside materials. We are lucky to have access to lots of sand due to our location, but we are always very careful to extend the use of our terrain in a way that impacts it positively.

By scraping away the top layers of organic matter to access and recycle the material for our rootzone mix, a clean seam of sand was left behind which nature has taken over. In the past 2 years the area has become a haven for Bee Orchids (Ophrys apifera), once widespread in the South West of England, but which haven't been found on our course previously, as well as becoming an important habitat for wildlife to bask on the open sand surfaces.

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