New irrigation lake for greywater and recycled rainwater

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Margarete Dunst

Since the connection to the greywater supply of Paphos town, we irrigate the golf course solely with recycled rainwater and greywater. We further upgraded the irrigation lake, which has now doubled in capacity to 3800m3. With this enhancement, we can store enough water to maintain the course all year round. A drainage system has been installed underneath the liner which directs any potential water leakage back to our reservoir. An overflow pipe has also been added with the same function. The control system for our pump station has been replaced to ensure a steadier sprinkler flow, leading to improved grass health and a more consistent playing surface. The remodelled irrigation lake and new system not only save water but are also a great feature of the golf course. Bordered with a local quarried stone, boulder wall and surrounded by local, drought-tolerant plants, it reflects the philosophy of our sustainable golf course and we look forward to welcoming new wildlife in this area.

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