New hole created using native grasses

Kilmarnock (Barassie)


Written by: David Addison

In November 2021 we started construction on a new 13th hole on our Links course in partnership with Kimber & Glen. Instead of purchasing new turf for the project we used an old green site, and turf from the practice area to construct the new hole. The approximate number is that 11,000 rolls of turf were cut, rolled, lifted, moved and laid on the project. This saves a lot of money on new turf and the transport of that turf to get to the club. It also allows the native grasses that were on the course to be used vs importing new grass.

Our greens team worked on the project mostly throughout the winter with some help from members and our General Manager & Golf Operations Manager when laying the green. The work started in November 2021 and the hole opened for play on the 30th of May. Giving both members and guests a better experience when playing at Barassie.

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