Nest boxes at Quinta do Lago

Quinta do Lago


Written by: Sónia Afonso

Quinta do Lago currently has around 72 nest boxes installed on the three golf courses. The nest boxes are one of the measures to preserve the native species of Quinta do Lago. The nest boxes will provide shelter and good conditions for the reproduction of several bird species. On the other hand, these birds are predators of insects, namely the Processionary Caterpillar, which is extremely harmful both to humans and to many other species of living beings.

Every year the nest boxes are monitored and maintained, in order to quantify the occupied nest boxes and clean them. In this way it is possible to estimate the number of chicks resulting from the 2022 breeding season. In the maintenance works from the year 2022 it was found that on the North and South Golf Courses 29 boxes were occupied and 20 were empty, resulting in an occupancy rate of 59.18%. At Laranjal Golf Course we verified that 20 boxes were occupied and 3 were empty, which results in an occupancy rate of 86.96%.

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