More than 60,000 heather plants



During the cold and wet winter months, our team stays warm by planting more than 60,000 heather plants. This year's planting consists of larger plants for more impact. The heather provides a beautiful view, is a welcome addition for animals and nature, and contributes to biodiversity.

Heather transforms into a banquet for the ecosystem's inhabitants. Producing sweet nectar, it entices pollinators like bees and butterflies, facilitating pollination. Simultaneously, heather's seeds serve as a nutritious food source for birds and small mammals, establishing a perpetual cycle of sustenance. Additionally heather adapts very well to acidic soils, it becomes a silent guardian of the earth. Its roots delve into the soil, maintaining a delicate pH balance that influences the types of plants thriving in the area, contributing to a diverse plant ecosystem that paints the landscape with varied colors and textures.

With its intricate root systems, it stands as a steadfast guardian against erosive forces. Binding the soil, it acts as a bulwark against wind and water ravages, ensuring environmental stability and preserving the integrity of the heathland for its myriad inhabitants.

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