Monitoring biodiversity on the course

Österlens Golfklubb


Written by: Mikael Törnberg

The sand grounds have a range of unique flora and fauna, and therefore the golf club has responsibility for the endangered species in the grounds. As a way of monitoring the status and development of the local vegetation on the golf courses, a census of pollinating insects, mainly butterflies and bumblebees, was performed during summer 2019 on both courses. It was a follow-up of the census of 2018, which was an unusual year with extreme drought in Österlen as well as in other parts of Sweden. This year was completely different weather-wise with a lot of rain and a vibrant flowering of most plants which favoured pollinating insects. The purpose of the monitoring was partly to gain knowledge about which species inhabit the courses mainly in the rough parts and to partly fulfil the demands of the GEO certificate as to the monitoring of how the environment, especially the biological diversity, develops on the golf club grounds.

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