Modern facilities and strong values keep emissions to a minimum

Castelfalfi Golf Club


Written by: Elisa Biagini

Attention to nature is one of the fundamental values of Castelfalfi. We guarantee low CO2 emissions and minimal environmental impact thanks to modern facilities and green-building principles in restoring our ancient farmhouses. Low heat exchange between interior and exterior is also achieved using materials providing a high degree of thermal insulation.

We manage the available resources in the most sustainable way we can. Our biomass power plant provides green thermal energy for heating and cooling, and by collecting the rainwater our artificial lakes we guarantee eco-friendly irrigation of the golf courses, vineyards and olive groves. We are committed to promoting 'nature tourism' by discouraging the use of plastic and using recyclable materials in our restaurants and bars.

The GEO Certified® Golf Club and our agricultural production, which is totally organic, are the frame of our daily commitment towards sustainability. Taking care of nature is our way to take care of you.

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