Minimising resource use through irrigation upgrades

Royal Troon Golf Club


A brand new irrigation system was designed and installed at Royal Troon Golf Club between 2013-2014 (Old Course) and 2018-2019 (Portland & Craigend Courses), to increase water use efficiency and accuracy of irrigation input.

Experience has shown that applying targeted water to finite areas of the course and minimising water being applied into areas not requiring it, for example the fairway rough, will save up to 30% of water when compared to older irrigation system designs.

The TORO system was designed by Adrian Mortram and installed by OCMIS. Over 65,000 metres of pipe, 3,500 sprinklers and a new control system and pumphouse, pumping system and water storage tank was commissioned for use in the spring of 2019.

Water is abstracted under SEPA licence from the Gyaws Burn to be used across the 45 hole golf facility. Regular measurements using mobile soil moisture sensors are taken to inform accurate irrigation and help minimise water use. In-ground sensors are currently been investigated to further increase water efficiency.

The grasses in the surfaces are drought tolerant species with browntop bent and fine fescue in the greens and high populations of Hard fescue in fairways.

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