Midwife toad finds a new home at Golf Park Tervuren

Golf Park Tervuren


Written by: Wim Lespoix

In 2021, Golf Park Tervuren and Regionaal Landschap Dijleland joined forces with the shared objective of enhancing biodiversity on the golf course through the preservation and improvement of natural habitats. A year ago, infrastructural modifications were implemented, specifically focusing on creating suitable environments and accommodations for various rare species, including toads, beetles, bats, birds, and insects.

Today, we are thrilled to report the outcomes of our collective efforts. On hole 6, a sighting of a rare midwife toad ("vroedmeesterpad" in Dutch) has been reported. This remarkable occurrence stands as a testament to the remarkable dedication and hard work demonstrated by our teams. It inspires us to continue monitoring and observing the ongoing progress while welcoming new species to thrive in this area.

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