Members consider themselves as "guests of the ecosystem"

U.G.C. 'De Pan'


Written by: Nicole Verhoeven

Dealing responsibly with our surroundings has been one of De Pan’s spearheads for years. It is not without reason that we are at the forefront of maintaining and managing our golf course in an ecologically responsible manner. De Pan is among the leaders in the Netherlands when it comes to the economical use of water and pesticides.

In November 2019, a paper captured the sustainable management of our grounds during the last 20 years. Also in 2019, our committed-to-Green committee released a book describing our rich nature, "Natuurlijk, De Pan!' This book with text, photos and drawings of the flora and fauna was entirely created by Pan members themselves. As members of the golf club, we consider ourselves a guest of the ecosystem of our grounds, and we want to continue this in the best possible way.

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