Local volunteer conservation group involved in managing Frilford Heath's SSSI

Frilford Heath


Written by: Jake Boardman

Frilford Heath is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to its acid grassland, heathland and valley fens. Calcareous fens are unusual in lowland Britain and Frilford Heath contains some of the few examples outside of East Anglia. As a result, many of the plants and insects found in these areas of the course are not found anywhere else in the region.

Abingdon Green Gym are a local volunteer conservation group that visit the club 6-12 times a year to help restore this habitat. The stream has been dammed to re-establish the marshy environment favoured by the specialist plants. To support this the hazard has been extended on the 4th hole of Green course.

There are seven species of orchid growing in this area and other rare species such as Grass of Parnassus - the most southerly place in the UK where you can find this plant. There are also grass snakes along the stream and the occasional stoat running between the long vegetation.

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