Local sourcing and nose to tail eating

Berkhamsted Golf Club


Written by: Howard Craft

In 2023, we have installed a new butchery room at Berkhamsted Golf Club. We now buy in whole animal carcasses of Lamb, Beef and Pork. We have now re-designed our menus for functions to permit all parts of the animals to be utilised. We have trained our chefs in butchery skills and are now making our own sausages after completing a taste test for members to decide the correct recipe. We are now curing Pork particularly to produce our own Bacon and Gammon.

We have just begun to experiment with charcuterie and are hoping to produce our own Prosciutto in the next 12 months for Members to enjoy. Not only are we driving quality of meat through this process, but we are also partnering with local farmers to source meat from within a 5 mile radius to Berkhamsted. Our current projection is that we will reduce our meat costs by in excess of 50% and the butchery room will provide a return on the investment in only 12 months.

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