Lithium additions to the turfcare equipment fleet

Mickelson National Golf Club


Written by: Robin Sadler

Here are three of the six new lithium utility vehicles recently added to our fleet at Mickelson National Golf Club. Our cart fleet is now completely lithium-based, and a lithium triplex will be arriving next week. Our team is well on its way to achieving the goal of converting our entire fleet to lithium units.

By converting to electric vehicles, we have drastically reduced our Scope 1 carbon footprint and saved money on fuel. Electric vehicles are also highly energy-efficient compared to their combustion counterparts, which further reduces costs as they require fewer resources to charge compared to the old fleet.

In addition to the carbon benefits, our electric fleet also helps reduce noise pollution. Electric motors operate silently compared to combustion engines, providing a quieter experience for our golfers and causing less disruption to the course wildlife.

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