Let's Do It Cyprus 2023 - The Aphrodite Hills team volunteer

Aphrodite Hills Golf


Cyprus enthusiastically participates in the Let's Do It World! Campaign—a global initiative dedicated to cleaning up natural areas worldwide by removing litter. This campaign stands out as possibly the most extensive volunteer program ever orchestrated globally. Its primary objective is to promote public awareness and active involvement in matters concerning safeguarding, preservation, and sustainable management of both terrestrial and marine environments in Cyprus.

Since 2012, the Let's Do It! campaign has been actively making a positive impact in Cyprus, boasting a participation of over 210,000 volunteers. Together, they have successfully cleared tons of garbage from streets, cities, and the natural habitats of Cyprus. The "Let's Do It! Cyprus" Campaign stands as the largest environmental endeavor on the island.

On October 24, 2023, teams from all elements of the Aphrodite Hills Resort gathered to support this remarkable campaign, focusing their efforts on cleaning Aphrodite Rock (Petra tou Romiou) Beach. This ongoing commitment reflects our dedication to promoting environmental responsibility and working towards mitigating mankind's overall impact on the climate.

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