Landscape recovery work help club become a multifunctional sports area

Golf Les Iles


Written by: Alessandro Leonardi

The construction of Golf Les Iles enabled the environmental recovery of an area that had once been used as an aggregates quarry and later as an illegal dump. The “Impegnati nel Verde” project, promoted by the Italian Golf Federation, also encouraged the ecological and landscape recovery work that took place from 2006 to 2015. Expansion of the golf course simply provided the perfect opportunity for faster and more efficient reclamation and redefinition of the abandoned spaces and their use.

Over time Golf Les Iles has become a multifunctional sports area for golfing, canoeing, swimming and stopping off during mountain bike rides. The second project focused research activity and actions on conserving and increasing biodiversity, bringing Golf Les Iles in line with nearby protected areas that are a natural habitat for a great variety and number of species. In 2015 the club was awarded the “INV” certificate for Environmental Recovery and again in 2017 for Biodiversity.

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