La Cala Resort's regenerated water initiative

La Cala Resort


La Cala Resort made pioneering strides in 1991 by implementing a regenerated water irrigation system for its golf course. A dedicated pipeline stretching approximately 10 kilometers was constructed, connecting the resort's primary lake to the Fuengirola Recycling plant. This project was the result of a close collaboration between the resort's developers, FBD, and local authorities. The majority of the investment came from the FBD group, who continue to be the proud owners of La Cala Resort.

The adoption of regenerated water irrigation at La Cala Resort yields numerous of benefits such as the preservation of precious freshwater resources. By embracing the use of regenerated water, the resort reduces its reliance on potable water, thereby making a substantive contribution to the conservation of this invaluable natural asset. Furthermore, this practice helps safeguard the resort's long-term water security. By utilising regenerated water, La Cala Resort ensures a dependable and sustainable water supply.

In addition to its environmental merits, this approach translates into financial advantages. The resort's commitment also significantly reduces expenses associated with water use, translating into cost savings with respect to water acquisition and treatment.

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