Kindergarten kids visit the course to play and have fun

Keilir Golf Club


Keilir Golf Club has for a long time realized that sustainable future means reaching out to the younger generations. Our closest neighbour is a kindergarten, where they come once a week to try out golf, play games and have fun. We offer our indoor putting and chipping facilities as an exhibition hall for their artwork and every year they bring their parents for an exhibition and an introduction to golf.

The clubs’ general manager sits in our local school committee, with parents, school management and teachers. As part of our outreach to the schools, we offer free group golf lessons for kids aged 14-16 throughout the municipality, where they come twice a year, spring and autumn, to try out the sport. This partnership helps us provide a strong youth program at the club and we currently have over 130 members under the age of 17. Our golf program is open for kids aged 5-12 years old and this year drew more than 300 kids.

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