Jättegryta från istiden

Upsala Golfklubb


Written by: Anders Falk

Local Language English

Jättegrytorna bildades under istiden när en sten fångats i en grop och smältvattnet som rann fram i hög fart fick stenen att börja snurra och tillsammans med grus nöta ett runt, djupt hål i berget. Namnet har kommit av att man förr trodde att jättar använt hålorna för att koka sin mat.

Close to the Club house there is an grave field from the Iron age. As a historical point of interest, we try to keep it clean and easy for visitors who wants to see it. Traces dated from 500 before christ until 1050 have been found. Directly adjacent to the clubhouse's outdoor dining area is a burial ground from the Iron Age. During the Iron Age, 500 before the birth of Christ until 1050, flat tombs of stone were built with round, square or triangular shape. Often they have a larger stone in the middle, or a clear outer edge of even sized stones, a so-called edge chain. During excavation in 1991, settlements and an urn grave were discovered. The ceramic vessel in the urn grave contained burnt bones from an adult individual, as well as bones from a dog, sheep, goat, chickens, and pigs as well as a comb from the 550-800s.

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