Investment in various schemes cut electricity use by 28.5%

Coventry Golf Club


Written by: Paul Quinn

Looking to lower electricity use – and costs - Coventry Golf Club undertook a range of measures from simples small projects, to larger planned investments.

New and more efficient air conditioning, optimised heating settings, use of natural ventilation all helped reduce costs of managing the clubhouse temperature. A cycle to work scheme and an on site shower for greenkeepers along with investment in hybrid vehicles. Educational materials for staff and golfers and continued use of an energy monitoring company all helped improve planning whilst the club completely re-lamped the club’s buildings with low energy, sensor lighting. Solar panels were also installed to help reduce costs, with the excess electricity produced being sold back to the energy company.

In the first full year, the club cut their electricity costs by 28.5%, amounting to £8,000 annually, which will offset their investment quickly. 

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