Invasive trees mulched and used as compost

The Country Club Johannesburg

South Africa

Written by: Matthew Johnstone

Over the past 4 to 5 years we have invested in the removal of Blue Gum and Wattle trees from the property at The CCJ. An outside contractor felled the trees at no cost and sold the wood on for firewood. The unsaleable brush leftover was stockpiled in our organic waste area.

Once a considerable pile of brush was stockpiled we hired in a wood grinder to produce 1000m3 of mulch. This mulch was then used firstly as mulch in beds, and secondly composted. Food wasted pre-digested with bokashi, and other organic waste of the course was incorporated into the mulch. Once broken down the material was screened into fine compost and used as top dressing and divoting.

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