Introducing Ultrasonic Algae Control

Mickelson National Golf Club


Written by: Robin Sadler

We have recently installed an Ultrasonic Algae Control System to manage the pond water on our 4th and 5th holes. Previously, this pond was completely covered in algae, causing various issues. Algal mats hinder the mixing of oxygen into the water, reducing the oxygen available for invertebrates, fish, and other pond life, while also obstructing inflows and outflows. Moreover, the decay of algae exacerbates the depletion of oxygen in the water, creating further challenges for aquatic life.

By reducing the amount of algae present in the pond, we can create a thriving habitat for new species while also providing a visually appealing feature for our golfers to enjoy. We are looking forward to seeing the benefits of this system in creating a much healthier ecosystem. The system is also solar-powered, making it completely independent from the grid and reducing any carbon emissions associated with its use.

This installation is sure to be a great addition to the golf course.

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