Innovative water management: sustainable solutions at Somabay

Somabay Golf


Written by: Andrew Hughes

In Somabay, where rainfall is almost non-existent annually, we have developed innovative methods to irrigate our golf course sustainably. For the past two decades, our irrigation system has relied on a blend of 60% desalinated water and 40% grey water.

We operate two key facilities to meet our water needs:

  1. Desalination Plant: This facility extracts highly saline water from underground wells and undergoes a process to remove the salt content.

  2. Sewage Plant: Here, grey water sourced from our hotels and residential areas in Somabay is treated to stringent standards for reuse.

Over the years, significant investments have been made to enhance our water treatment systems, with a focus on reducing energy consumption. Our efforts are measured by the kilowatt-hours per cubic meter (kWh/m3) required to produce clean water. The accompanying images depict the transition from our older system to the more efficient one.

In 2022, we furthered our sustainability efforts by installing a Solar Plant. A portion of the energy generated by this solar facility is dedicated solely to powering our desalination plant.

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