Increased enthusiasm for biodiversity

Domburgsche Golfclub


Written by: Richard Allison

Every year the committee organises a 'Green Competition'. This takes place on Ascension Day in the form of a combined golf and nature general knowledge challenge. Every year features a different theme such as sheep, birds (of prey), butterflies, foxes etc. To support the themes, we invite specialists who, following the golf competition, give a presentation on the particular topic. Prizes are also theme-related and in recent years have taken the form of specially designed ceramic pieces of work created by one of our members. The competition is always popular, with around 50 regularly taking part. Thanks to the competition and the publicity surrounding it on our website, the special information board in the entrance hall, and an article in the club magazine, players have become noticeably more enthusiastic about the course's biodiversity and what is living in and around the greens.

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