In-house vehicle maintenance and servicing creates efficiencies

North Hants Golf Club


Written by: Angela Simms

We employed a full-time in-house mechanic in October 2020. Previously we were using external contractors from various distances away which meant more expenditure, and longer wait times, ultimately leading to more downtime and less productivity.

Since employing our mechanic, we have become more proactive and less reactive as a department. We now have a fleet of machinery performing at their optimum level, with nothing left to deteriorate over time anymore. This means all machinery is much more fuel efficient. We carry an extensive range of spares so repairs can be made instantly and quickly. We also now have consistently sharper blades to help produce the best playing surfaces for our members and guests, which not only improves the customer experience but in turn leads to less chance of disease outbreaks, reducing the risk of any unnecessary chemical applications.

Additionally, less waste is now produced and any waste we do produce is disposed of correctly, which in turn helps reduce our carbon footprint. Going forward we are looking into the possibility of replacing our existing fleet of machinery with electric or using biofuels.

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