Implementation of ESG management by planting trees within vacant lots

Haesley Nine Bridges

Korea, Republic of

Written by: Sangyoon Ryu

Haesley is actively advancing its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management efforts by implementing a tree-planting initiative in vacant areas. In 2021, we successfully planted 500 birch trees in these designated spaces. Birch trees play a crucial role in enhancing air quality by providing residents with cleaner and fresher oxygen while helping to reduce air pollutants.

Moreover, we strategically planted some of these trees on our golf course. Transplanted birch trees contribute to improving soil quality within the golf course, making it more robust and nutrient-rich. This approach not only reduces the overall cost of importing trees but also minimises maintenance expenses for the golf club. These trees have a remarkable capacity to thrive even in arid conditions, as they efficiently absorb water from the soil.

Our commitment extends further as we plan to expand green areas through additional tree planting efforts, thereby enhancing management practices in vacant spaces. By joining hands in this initiative, we aim to create valuable landscape resources, while simultaneously reducing carbon emissions and fine dust levels, all for the benefit of our community's well-being.

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