Hybrid mowers provide excellent performance with reduced input - 30% fuel savings

Carnoustie Golf Links


Written by: Craig Boath

John Deere was the first manufacturer to introduce hybrid electric cutting reel technology and now offers the widest range of hybrid greens and fairway mowers in the industry, including the 2750E ride-on triplex, of which there are 12 in the new Carnoustie Golf Links fleet, supplied by local dealer Double A Trading Company.

Other models of machines at Carnoustie include the 7500A and 8000A E-Cut™ Hybrid Fairway Mowers which can effectively mow at an engine rpm reduced to 2300rpm. At this operating rpm, operators will experience noise reductions when compared to running the machines at full throttle.

In addition to the reduced sound levels, the operation at this engine rpm reduces fuel usage due to slower engine rpm. Comparisons have shown that, depending on conditions and usage, fuel savings can be as high as 30% when running the machine at 2300rpm as opposed to running at full throttle required by traditional hydraulic machines.

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