Herb Garden at the Aphrodite Hills Hotel by Atlantica

Aphrodite Hills Golf


The culinary journey at Aphrodite Hills Resort is one that infuses the traditions and flavours of many varieties of cuisine. This journey typically begins at the Resort’s exquisitely landscaped gardens and specifically at the herb garden. Both sustainability and respect for nature are very important to us. By cultivating and using our Herb Garden, we lower food wastage as we will only pick what we need… and with no plastic packaging!

It is here that the Aphrodite Hills Chefs commence their day, wandering around the patches of locally grown, aromatic herbs and spices - all native to the region; choosing those that will eventually be integrated into a myriad of mouth-watering dishes, that can then be experienced and enjoyed at one of our Resort restaurants. Straight from our garden directly into the most delicious and freshly prepared dishes, created with love, pride and care for all of our guests to enjoy.

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