Heating water with sunshine is saving 14 tons of CO2 each year

Quinta do Lago


Written by: Mark Tupling

We are in the process of converting all of our heated water needs away from Natural Gas and Electricity to be powered by Solar Thermal Water Heaters (SWH).

We currently power all our hot water needs by Solar Thermal Energy in 7 of our outlets including our Golf Clubhouse, Magnolia Hotel, Q-Hub & Sales Centre, The Campus Sports Complex and 4 of our restaurants. A further unique function in The Campus Sports Complex is that the SWH can divert any excess hot water to the Swimming Pool to add hot water during the cooler times of year.

This initiative is helping to reduce our carbon footprint as each solar thermal system can operate year-round and removes a minimum of 2 Tons of CO2 annually saving over 14 tons of CO2 per year across the resort.

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