Heather restoration essential for heathland longevity

Fulford Golf Club

United Kingdom

Written by: Matthew Milligan

As part of our restoration efforts, our focus lies in the reintroduction of heather to the golf course's heathland regions. Heather, an indigenous plant to our course, has displayed successful regeneration in areas where we have exposed the soil, permitting dormant seeds to naturally sprout. To foster continuous growth, we strategically distribute heather seeds during our plant management activities, supporting its ongoing reestablishment.

Given heather's role as a keystone species within heathland ecosystems, its revival will play a pivotal role in creating essential niches for diverse species. This, in turn, aids in conserving the course's biodiversity and catering to specialised species, including pollinators. Furthermore, heather significantly influences soil conditions, nutrient cycles, and water retention, rendering it crucial in preserving the health of our heathland.

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