Growing organic produce to serve in the restaurant

Grange Golf Club


Written by: Jonathan Palmer

We have created an allotment plot at the golf club where fruit and vegetables are being grown. The desire is to provide the chefs with organically grown produce which ultimately will be served through the restaurant. A team of volunteer members are providing their time, skill and ambition to drive this project forward. Current crops include; potatoes, onions, garlic, beetroot, radishes, spinach, salad leaves, rhubarb, peas & beans with more to follow. I believe this is the first environmental project that we have undertaken that could tick each of the three sustainable theme boxes; Nature - Plant species are being selected that encourage pollinating insect activity. Resource - Growing a percentage of the fruit and veg we require in a sustainable fashion reducing travel miles for produce to arrive with us. Community - Volunteer-driven. We have also engaged with two local schools inviting them to visit & participate with the daily tasks (see photo).

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