Golden Carp cleaning the island green lake

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Margarete Dunst

Working closely with nature at Minthis, we recently introduced 100 Golden Carp to the lake surrounding the island green. The fish have settled in well in their new environment and do a tremendous job in keeping harmful blue-green algae under control. Besides looking beautiful and enriching the existing flora and fauna on the golf course, they are also playing an important role in helping to reduce the amount of algaecides we use. Keeping the blue-green algae to a minimum helps us to keep the water clean and prevents the buildup of toxic gases. It also gives our signature hole the desired look. Our island green lake is also inhabited by frogs and regularly visited by water birds. Once the newly reshaped and enlarged irrigation lake is complete, golden carp will be reintroduced to the lake, where they can perform their duties.

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