From farm to table - QFarm

Quinta do Lago


Written by: Mark Tupling

We have established Q-Farm in the heart of the Quinta do Lago Resort to serve our many restaurant outlets with farm to table produce. The original plot contains approximately 2000m2 of raised beds, each with its own drip irrigation network and fertigation system. The crops are organically grown by our onsite team of dedicated farmers and are grown seasonally to the Algarve climate.

We have also opened a second site with a state of art greenhouse to increase our yields through the cooler winter months. Designed with the same principles as the first farm, it has a dedicated irrigation network and fertigation system to closely manage the irrigation and nutrients required to optimise yields.

We are now able to produce upwards of 5,500 kgs of seasonal vegetables each year for use in our restaurants. Our staple crops include heirloom carrots, potatoes, brassicas, cabbages, leafy greens and strawberries along with a comprehensive herb garden and specialist crops matching our changing menus. With this, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint, control our supply chain costs and provide the freshest produce to our customers.

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