Fostering nature through tree planting and community engagement

Kings Hill Golf Club


Written by: Melanie Drake

As part of our initiatives, we collaborated with our carpet installation company, Oriental Weavers (under the umbrella of more:trees by THG), who commit to planting 5 trees for every 100m2 of carpet purchased. To date, their efforts have resulted in the planting of 2,206 trees, which are projected to absorb approximately 662 tonnes of CO2.

This endeavor aligns with our commitment to fostering nature. Trees play a pivotal role in purifying the air, filtering water, regulating rainfall, enhancing soil quality, providing shelter, and mitigating flooding. Beyond the environmental impact, our initiatives contribute to community development. By enabling farmers and villagers to engage in tree planting, we offer them a valuable skill and income source, ultimately reducing the specter of extreme poverty. Furthermore, our commitment to tree planting aids in restoring wildlife habitats and counteracting the detrimental consequences of deforestation for animals, wildlife, and the overall health of our planet.

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