First Green: helping build communities

Cabot Links Cape Breton


Written by: Lee Strutt

This year, we embarked on our inaugural participation in the First Green program, an exceptional opportunity for engaging with schools, communities, and our own team members. During our initial involvement, we hosted a group of local school students, typically aged 15 to 16, who engaged in a unique learning experience on the golf course, applying the STEM approach (Science, Technology, Environment, and Math). Our goal is to integrate golf into the community and illustrate the actual activities on a golf course, emphasising the positive role golf plays in land management.

Moving forward, we are planning to expand and adapt this program to provide educational insights to our on-site staff, encompassing roles such as housekeepers, food and beverage teams, kitchen staff, and administrative personnel, among others. This initiative is designed to enable all our team members to gain a comprehensive understanding of the golf course operations, thereby fostering stronger relationships throughout our company.

Moreover, the program will serve as a valuable recruitment tool within the local community, demonstrating to both parents and children that a career in greenkeeping is a credible and rewarding option. Our aim is to highlight that individuals need not travel far to pursue a fulfilling career right in their own neighborhood.

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