Fire fighting and fire prevention training

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Margarete Dunst

Protecting nature and collaborating closely with our neighbouring communities is part of the Minthis philosophy. We are therefore participating in the firefighting programme with the surrounding communities of the ‘Minthis Villages’ (Tsada, Episkopi Paphou, Kallepeia). Minthis has invested in a fire vehicle that holds 1 ton of water and we further established our own fire emergency response team.

A yearly fire training programme is conducted by the Cyprus Fire Service Pafos for all Minthis staff to learn about fire prevention and the first steps in firefighting. In addition, special training takes place for the fire emergency response team, which includes specific fire response activities and the correct use of the fire vehicle. The training is carried out in a secure area, ensuring the safety of all participants as well as the safeguarding of nature.

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