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Written by: Ranald Strachan

As land managers, we think we know a fair bit about our courses and environment and we do, but there is always more to learn and one way to add in knowledge about ecology, the environment or sustainability is to link in with local groups, experts and enthusiasts. These fantastic folk often give their knowledge freely and with a good authority. A great way to expand your repertoire.

Recently the Fife Amphibian and Reptile Group (FARG) came over on our request to help survey our brilliant pond on the Eden Course St Andrews. This pond is a haven for birds in both winter and summer with breeding Sedge Warbler and Reed Bunting abound. The pond is a feature on the 15th and we need to keep on top of the reed beds and rushes but before we decide on the next management step we need to know what's in it wildlife-wise, what may be using it and when. This is really helpful. So the group conducted a walk-over, specimen and sample survey and gave a nice report with recommendations on options to try. A great bunch of folk, a good evening out and a bit more knowledge, a good thing all around. Thanks to FARG who are just brilliant.

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