Enhancing water security and biodiversity through the expansion of our irrigation pond system

Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club


Written by: Simon Hopkin

Our efforts to increase water sustainability and security across the golf course included an expansion of our irrigation pond system. This comprehensive project included several elements, such as constructing two new ponds, clearing vegetation, establishing fresh practice and putting greens, and installing drainage pipes.

Beyond addressing water security, our other objectives were twofold: to identify any existing habitats and species in the area and to foster the breeding of new species. We placed particular emphasis on supporting the reproduction of the great crested newt.

During an initial desk study, we discovered a total of 27 records of Great Crested Newts (GCN) (Triturus cristatus) within a 2-kilometer radius of the project site. The closest recorded sighting occurred 1.2 kilometers to the southeast in 2022, and historical GCN records were located just 117 meters southeast of the site.

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