Energy transition and sustainability initiatives

Garda Hotel - San Vigilio Golf


Written by: Maria Lalia

Garda Hotel San Vigilio Golf has undertaken an energy transition policy since 2018, aiming for environmental and economic sustainability.

In 2022, photovoltaic panels were installed on the roof of the driving range, on the roofs of the maintenance centre, and in an area adjacent to the latter. The system has an output of 1,986,338 kWh, which covers about 80% of the Golf Club's needs. The production of renewable energy results in an annual CO2 emission saving of 711 tonnes, equivalent to saving 4410 trees.

The intervention also enabled the upgrading of the buildings in the maintenance area. The cost of the intervention amounts to €1,734,500.00. Our energy sustainability policy also includes:

  • The complete renewal of the golf car fleet, with the changeover to the latest generation of more efficient vehicles; the cost of this intervention amounts to €412,500
  • The installation of motion sensor systems in all common areas
  • The replacement of 50 LED lights in the clubhouse, which itself was built according to modern passive design principles to maximise the use of natural light
  • The installation of 8 charging columns for electric cars.

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