Endemic butterflies on the golf course

Minthis Golf Club


The endemic butterfly Glaucopsyche paphos (Paphos blue) is very common at Minthis and can be admired from March to May in the Genista fasselata formations of the area. The first of two subtypes of Habitat type 5530, the Thermo-Mediterranean Genista fasselata scrub, corresponds to low to medium height (up to 2 m), often dense scrub with Genista fasselata dominant. This is the most common natural habitat in the boundaries of Minthis Golf Club representing 70% of the natural vegetation and it is the host plant of the Glaucopsyche paphos (Paphos blue).

Maniola cypricola (Cyprus Meadow brown), another endemic butterfly, likes to feed on the flowering Origanum sp. on the golf course. Not endemic but also lovely to observe is the Pieris brassicae (Large White). Take a deep breath during your round of golf and tune into nature to admire flora and fauna on the course!

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