Thriving junior development and inclusivity programmes

Carnoustie Golf Links


Written by: Craig Boath

Carnoustie boasts one of the UK's largest golf development programmes with over 300 kids participating, including over 80 girls, underlining the continued interest in the women’s game. With over 300 junior golfers attending coaching at Carnoustie every week, our golf development programme aims to inspire a new generation into the game. Not only those who aspire to become professional, but to also encourage a new breed of social golfers who can enjoy the health & wellbeing benefits of being out on the course. We are also eager to raise awareness of all the wonderful career opportunities there are within the sport.

We also run our very own Women Get Into Golf programme and Golfers With Disabilities coaching sessions. We support Carnoustie Golf Memories dementia group and a Girls Empowerment Academy too. Although the pandemic has disrupted so much for so many in the last year, Carnoustie junior programme performed stronger than ever which is a testament to the programme.

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