Embracing clean energy: electric transformation for sustainability

Golf Club Patriziale Ascona


Written by: Erika Matli

Last year the switch to cleaner energy resulted in the conversion of our ball collection devices and driving range cutters to fully electric. This crucial step was taken to effectively reduce our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, we are actively progressing towards the complete adoption of electric maintenance vehicles for our dedicated team. By doing so, we aim to extend our commitment to minimizing environmental impact and addressing noise pollution often associated with traditional vehicles. This shift will help benefit the local wildlife and golfers by reducing disruptions.

In addition, we are proud to provide our valued members and guests with complimentary electric charging stations conveniently located on our premises. These charging stations promote sustainable transportation, allowing individuals to power their vehicles while visiting our facility. By offering this eco-friendly amenity, we actively encourage the use of electric cars and support the wider adoption of greener transportation alternatives.

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