Efficiency improvements in the clubhouse

Eindhovensche Golf


In 2018 and 2019, the clubhouse of the Eindhovensche Golf, which was built around 1930, was thoroughly renovated. The most important objective was to make our clubhouse more sustainable. That is why the following measures have been taken:

  • switch from gas to electric heating and cooking
  • more efficient layout of the clubhouse, so that spaces are heated much more effectively and now largely by means of heat pumps.
  • insolation of floor, roof, walls and double glazing
  • splitting various meters and replacing them with smart meters so that any leakages will be easier to detect
  • renewal of the hot water installation
  • installation of a “heat recovery installation”
  • replacement of equipment, e.g. more energy-efficient (dish) washing machines, ovens and refrigerators
  • all lighting has been replaced by LED
  • the roof of the cart shed is prepared so that solar panels can be installed in the future.

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