Eco-friendly solutions to dealing with sewage

Silver Lakes Golf Estate

South Africa

Written by: Craig Corbett

Silver Lakes is unfortunately prone to raw sewage spillages, especially now with load shedding in South Africa. We have tackled this problem with two eco-friendly solutions. Firstly, with Ottobine aerators that help "soften" hard water or lower high pH. This is due in part to the mixing of carbon dioxide-enriched waters from the lake bottom up into the water column. Irrigation ponds left unmanaged can lose 2.5-5 centimeters of storage capacity a year due to sludge build-up and cause clogged pumps and irrigations systems. High nutrient levels in irrigation ponds can also lead to turf damage, while poor water quality will often lead to foul odors, fish kills, and unsightly aquatic algae and weeds.

Secondly with Baczyme, a sewage bacteria that digests raw sewage into grey water and CO2. Baczyme is a formulation of bacterial strains which are indigenous to South Africa. Baczyme has the Global Green Tag accreditation which makes it completely environment friendly. Using bacteria in rivers and dams supports ecosystems by lowering E.coli, Coliforms, Nitrates, Phosphates and COD(chemical oxygen demand). The treated water has good effects on cleaning irrigation pipe.

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