Dune slacks attract a great deal of wildlife

Saunton Golf Club


Written by: Russell Mayne

Dune slacks are low lying depressions between the main dunes and foredunes, often revealing brackish surface water or wetland due to the influence of the tide and local water tables. They are naturally formed by dune system development, but can also be created and managed as habitat, which we have done at the club for many years. By taking surface levels down to bare, clean sand and allowing nature to take its course, these landscape features attract a great deal of wildlife - for us, moorhens, coots, dragonflies, many insect species and seasonal flora all take advantage of this habitat.

Dune slacks also play a role in breaking up the dune-scape, providing valuable shelter for birds and encouraging small pockets of habitat, including highly biodiverse bare ground surfaces. Our dune slacks are well away from golfers and are a priority to our management of the environment.

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