Dragonflies provide balance to ecosystem and indicate healthy environment

Safaa Golf Club

Saudi Arabia

Written by: nicholas davies

Dragonflies are important to their environments both as predators (particularly of mosquitos) and as prey to birds and fish. Because these insects require stable oxygen levels and clean water, scientists consider them reliable bioindicators of the health of an ecosystem.

Mostly they breed at altitudes where fresh water sources are available; here at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, we have annual breeding at sea level close to the Red Sea due to a Summer dry lake being full of water during winter months due to overflow of wastewater storage lake being at capacity. This annual event here in Safaa is a great delight for the many hundreds of school children who pass through the golf course during the winter months looking at various flora and fauna aspects the golf course lends itself to here on the edge of the Red sea in a very arid region of the Arabian Peninsula.

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