Dragon Fly monitoring yields fantastic results

Andermatt Swiss Alps Golf Course


Written by: Daniel Speer

In 2021, the monitoring of dragonflies at Andermatt Golf Course has yielded fantastic results. The population of dragonflies has shown significant increases, and the discovery of protected species adds to the findings. The naturally formed water bodies, whether with or without foils, have proven to be attractive to various dragonfly species.

Andermatt golf course has a diverse range of dragonfly species, with a total of 12 identified. This impressive species diversity is attributed to the numerous bodies of water present, varying in size, depth, and hosting different aquatic plants and succession stages. The habitat provided by these water bodies serves as the foundation for this diversity.

While the survey did not reveal any surprises or rare mountain species, it is important to note that representative species typically found in still waters in higher alpine valleys were identified, as documented by the Swiss Association for Dragonfly Protection (SAGLS). It is worth mentioning that certain species, such as the Alpine Mosaic Damsel (Aeshna caerulea), the Alpine Emerald Dragonfly (Somatochlora alpestris), or the Small Mossy Damsel (Leucorrhinia dubia), which prefer acidic and bog-like bodies of water, were not discovered. However, such species would be expected in these specific habitats.

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