Digital scorecards to reduce paper waste and protect during COVID

Golf Lipperswil AG


Due to COVID-19 restrictions upon re-opening in May 2020, the handing out of scorecards and starting/result sheets was initially not permitted as part of the Club’s COVID safety measures.

Based on this, we worked closely with our software supplier and implemented E-Scorecards for tournament play. This allows us to “virtually” issue scorecards to tournament participants who in turn enter scores directly and in real-time into our tournament system via their smartphones – without contact but equally as important, without paper! All Club tournaments have opted to no longer print out result sheets. Tournament results are sent directly to the Club-App after prize giving.

Marshalls and Starters use their mobile devices for starting timesheets in our Club-App reducing the printing (and waste) of tee sheets. All printed tee sheets on information boards are alternatively reused (on the reverse side) for internal printing purposes. Approx. saving per year 6000 sheets.

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