Cutting greens water consumption by 45%

Houghton Golf Club

South Africa

Written by: John Kemp

We have introduced a variety of sustainable water management actions at Houghton Golf Club. The use of soil moisture meters has the advantage of identifying high and low moisture levels in specific areas of greens and surrounds. Since introducing this analysis and management system we have targeted our irrigation and reduced our greens water consumption by 45% - in summer this means a saving of 8.25 million litres of water per month!

Running tap water for two minutes is equal to 25L of water but only 5L in a pressure hose. So simply using the high-pressure sprayer to clean carts rather than a hosepipe saves R6900 per year. We have 5000 m2 of dams around the course. This means that annually we lose 14.6million litres of water from evaporation. With the fountains on, we would lose an additional 6.2million litres so we have chosen to switch off our fountains.

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