Creation of a protection zone for our Orchids

Golf Du Rhin


Written by: Paul Bontemps

Since the discovery of several protected species a few years ago, the Golf du Rhin has created a prohibited zone for players, in favor of orchids. This biotope in the middle of the golf course has allowed the proliferation of pyramidal orchids (pyramidal orchis), Bumblebee orchids (ophrys bumblebee), Military orchids (orchis militaris),Goat orchids (goat orchid), and of orchids platanthères with 2 leaves (orchis with 2 leaves).

A work of prospection is realized regularly by Mr Bernard Regisser, ornithologist volunteer of the league of protection of the birds. For information, on May 18, 2022, a meeting took place between Mr. Regisser and two great orchid lovers of the Grand Est region, Alain Pierné and Henri Mathé. The aim of this day was to proceed to a first census of the orchids of the Golf du Rhin. The figures are really magnificent according to the experts. More than 3000 plants !

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